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Palacio de Convenciones, Cuba
About 250 agribusiness people from 23 US states are expected to take part in a three-day negotiation round with Cuban marketing firm Alimport in Havana as of Monday, Director General of the firm, Pedro Alvarez, informed during the weekend.

The possible purchase of US food aimed for the Cuban family shopping basket is expected to be discussed, Alvarez told the Opciones weekly on-line edition.

This week, Agriculture Commissioner of North Dakota, Roger Johnson, led a US delegation of 18 entrepreneurs, who visited the Island and also met with Alimport.

Alvarez informed the visitors about the evolution of Cuban purchase of US food, which reached over $500 million in 2006.

He noted that his firm's main mission is to supply the family shopping basket of over 11 million Cubans with food.

Deals for about $100 million are expected to be cut during this round to begin Monday at the Havana-based Convention Center.

Source: Prensa Latina

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