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Poultry raising facilities

Back in 2004, more than 400 poultry farms located east of Havana were battered by Hurricane Charlie, destroying the facilities and killing a large number of hens.

However, according to specialists from the National Poultry Company, that situation has changed for the better and now the facility is able to turn out some 90 million eggs every month.

Though this production level does not meet the country's demand for that foodstuff, it represents a remarkable increase compared to the low output of the 1990's - when Cuba underwent a profound economic crisis as a result of the demise of the socialist camp and the tightening of Washington's ruthless blockade.

Speaking to the press, engineer Jesus Garcia, head of production at the National Poultry Company, said that all the farms have been repaired with resistant beans and roof tiles and can now bear the passage of hurricanes.

In addition to the repair of breeding facilities, production technologies have been upgraded with Chinese incubators at a Havana incubation plant, which has allowed for the increase in the production to over a million chicks.

Similar plants are expected to be installed in the provinces of Holguin, Villa Clara and Santiago de Cuba.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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