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  • 03 / 06 / 2007

Jai alai

Teams from five nations have registered to compete in the 17th edition of the Captain San Luis Cup, for Jai Alai (Pelota Vasca), which runs from 11 to 17 March in the Raul Diaz Arguelles Complex of Cuba's capital Havana, Cuban press said on Monday.

The Spanish team is made up of the top players from the Valencia, Navarra, Catalonia and La Coruna clubs, areas where the sport is popular.

Each match in the competition will use two 15-point sets, with a 10-point, 20-minute tiebreaker.

Jai Alai is the name for a series of games played using a ball bounced against a wall, that was originated in Spain's Basque Country. The variations in the Cuban competition will be trinquete, which uses three walls instead of the more typical two; 30-meter frontennis, which uses tennis rackets; rubber bat fronton; 54-meter basket-point fronton, where players wear a long glove with a small basket at the tip; and 20-meter or Cuban frontennis.

France's Dominic Boutineau and Spain's Julian Garcia, the president and vice-president of the International Jai Alia Federation, will attend the competition.

Many players will be preparing for the under-22 World Championship which takes place in Spain in September.

Source: Xinhua


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