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Namibia s educational system will incorporate a Cuban literacy teaching method to benefit wide sectors of the African country, local sources of both countries confirmed on Wednesday.

The decision to use the new method was announced during a meeting of the Ministry of Education of Cuba, Luis Ignacio Gomez, and Namibia's chancellor, Marco Hausiku, who concluded a two day official visit to the isle on Wednesday.

Hausiku pointed out that Namibian Education leader will soon visit Cuba to agree on how to carry out the literacy teaching program.

The Cuban method "Yo Si Puedo," centered on audiovisual means and on a facilitator to pass on knowledge, recently received the Rey Sejong award, granted by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Besides Haiti, other nations like Nigeria, Mozambique, New Zeeland, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras and Venezuela have incorporated that method in their educational systems, taking advantage of the program s ability to adjust to several languages.

According to official data, more than two million people in the world have used the method, a fact that shows Cuba' s intentions to help fulfill the UN Education for All goals.

Source: Prensa Latina

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