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Cuba sports trainers to help Costa Rica

Cuban trainers of different sports will help the Costa Rican Puerto Limon municipality to achieve athletic development in the coming months, sources told Prensa Latina on Sunday.

Eduardo Barbosa, mayor of that locality, stated that he sought assistance by basketball, boxing, athletics, volleyball, and weight lifting trainers, because Cuba has great experience in those fields.

The mayor highlighted that maybe his country could collaborate in soccer, although this discipline has been developing in the largest of the Antilles too, and that has been proven during the Gold Cup, which is taking place in the United States.

Sports have really developed here, despite the blockade and other actions against it, and the Island s flag rises and flies frequently in the world, due to its specialists good quality and the government support, he said.

Cuba has improved and it is ready to share, with all, training and

formation of the human capital, and the search for talents in neighborhoods, an experience that we should put into practice, he concluded.

Source: Prensa Latina

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