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Eolic energy

Cuban oil-industry experts are discussing, in a two-day national conference, the use of renewable energy sources in the country in an effort to find solutions that could bring down the oil dependence.

According to specialists on the matter, the discussions ending tomorrow are held as part of the 15th National Science and Technique Forum, which is expected to contribute to the Energy Revolution that has been undertaken by the Cuban government since 2006.

For the first time, the National Commission of that movement, unusual in the world for its social participation and political commitments, analyzes possibilities to improve solar energy, biomass, sugar-energetic, biogas, and other forms of energy.

Cuban technicians and experts have already implemented solar-energy generators in doctor's offices-houses in mountains and distant rural areas. There are over 400 photovoltaic systems functioning in hospitals, schools, night clubs and over 2,300 primary health-care centers in those areas.

Source: ACN

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