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Cuba, with its exceptional craft and popular music, seduces the visitors from the most different regions at a fair in Paris.

This year 10 Cuban artists are exhibiting their imitation jewelries, wood engravers, papier maché, goldsmith and textiles, whose main topic deals with the exuberant nature of the Caribbean island.

Music is also present during this event, with a wide disc repertoire by outstanding soneros like Adalberto Alvarez and Manolito Simonet, among others.

These exhibitions are accompanied by the most delicious drinks, having as main ingredient the genuine Cuban rum Havana Club.

Ángel Arcos, official from the Cuban Ministry of Culture, who represents the Antillean Island at the Fair, declared to Prensa Latina News Agency that this it is a unique opportunity for his country, as this is one of the most important fairs in the world.

"Some 800 thousand to one million visitors have come to this fair to appreciate our culture for a short time, something very unusual" - the Cuban official pointed out.

"Besides exhibiting our artists works, we carry out some market tests to analyze the acceptance of our products and, based on this, create new lines", he added.

Arcos explained that this is the fourth time -in a consecutive way- Cuba participates in the Fair of Paris, this time, with a space of 40 meters; that is, 20 more meters than in 2004.

"In this edition were debuting with the cloth design created by Ana Luisa Leyva, whose works have been positively accepted by the public" he highlighted.

"The main product is the imitation jewelry, being the seed the most attractive variety for the Gauls", stated the cultural representative from the Caribbean island.

"Regarding this, there is a pamphlet showing the trees from which are made the crafts and its different uses. The French people are a kind of consumer who constantly asks for the origin of each thing he/she buys, and we are here to satisfy all their curiosities", he explained.

Arcos visited the stand showing the works of 10 Cuban artisans awarded with the excellence stamp by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).

The Cuban works that are exhibited together with others from the Dominican Republic and Haiti awarded, are shown by the artisan from Cienfuegos, Lourdes Trigo, who represents all who have been awarded.

Fuente: Cubarte

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