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Joven Club
With the world well into the new information age, close to 1.2 million Cubans have benefited from a range of courses offered since the Youth Computer Club program was initiated. With more than 600 facilities in place across the country, expectations are that another million students can be trained every four years.

According to national director Raúl Van Troi Navarro, the program is presently supplied with more than 7,000 computers, in addition to equipment for printing, image scanning, and information storage and reproduction.

Of the hundreds of facilities scattered across the country, several serve each of the islands municipalities " along with even five mobile computer labs that bring this science to remote mountain areas. Likewise, four computer complexes are located in the cities of Pinar del Rio, Havana, Cienfuegos and in the special municipality of the Island of Youth.

Despite progress though, the computer clubs are able to meet only 70 percent of the demand for courses that begin with basic of operating systems and branch off into more than 20 programs.

On September 8, the program will mark its 20th anniversary. For this reason a wide range of activities will be carried out at the national level, announced the director on Thursday in a press conference.

Under the motto "Computerizing Hope", scientific events will be conducted during "InfoClub 2007", with activities to include interactive forums on national concerns, online chess competitions, competitions in digital art and poetry.

New services will also be provided, such as capacities for surfing the intranet, 24-hour access to the different centers, and special services for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Source: By Roberto Suarez, Cubarte

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