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Cuba increases its infrastructure for an optimum use of accompanying gas extracted from the country's oil fields, Cuban TV reported on Friday.

Installments from Cuban Company ENERGAS in Havana province's northern strip have new technologies and methods, aimed at raising the delivery of that resource to generate electricity in the Caribbean nation.

That entity works for a sustainable increase of production levels and the aim of this year's plan is to add about 70 megawatts to the installed power plant and successively extend those capacities.

The Boca de Jaruco plant in Havana province produces about 1.2 million cubic meters of gas to generate some 130 megawatts, general vice manager Alberto Villalonga told television.

That kind of plant works to eliminate ecological damage that the burning of gas has on the biosphere, the Cuban expert said.

The national electric power system has over 400 megawatts of power installed by ENERGAS alone, which allows to assimilate the current and immediate future production of accompanying gas, in oil production.

Source: Prensa Latina

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