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World Trade Organization
Eight countries supported Cuba s demands over the US failure to comply with decisions of the World Trade Organization s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), officials sources stated Wednesday.

Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil, India, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, and Argentina have joined Cuba s concern over US delays at the DSB on issues that call into question the credibility of that organ and thus the WTO.<br><br>

The minister-counselor of the Havana mission in Geneva, Jorge Ferrer, highlighted at the DSB that Washington does not care about the negative repercussion of its negligent behavior.<br><br>

The US disregards commitments of the agreement on intellectual property right issues linked to trade which it allegedly supports, he said.<br><br>

"My delegation reiterates its systematic concern over the permanent irregular situation of that dispute, due to the lack a prudential deadline for the fulfilment of the DSB recommendations," the official stressed.

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