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  • 12 / 01 / 2006

Francisco Lacayo, the UNESCO representative in Cuba, spoke to the press in Havana on occasion of Cuban President Fidel Castro's 80th birthday celebrations.

The Nicaraguan professor said that Cuban society is "pregnant" with culture and education, "You people have gone far ahead, going beyond many of the UNESCO standards."

"We are paying homage to one of the greatest men of the Americas, of the stature of Bolivar, Marti and others. To the statesperson he has taught us how a nation with little resources can be dignified, grow so much and offer genuine rivers of solidarity.

Without receiving a single cent from the International Monetary Fund, or from the Inter-American Development Bank, during close to 50 years Cuba has build the biggest monument to education in the continent, a result of an authentic political will, exemplified by the figure of its maximum leader.

"Thanks to the decisions taken from the early days of the Revolution to promote education, this Island has demonstrated impressive achievements in scientific development, is a world class power in the field of biotechnology and its researchers talk at the same level with the best researchers in the world.

"I frankly say that the most humane society in the world is the Cuban society, and we Latin-Americans have to really thank the Comandante for being the main architect of this colossal achievement.

Source: Granma

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