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  • 03 / 20 / 2007

Oil Congress
Challenges of horizontal and far-reaching perforation are among issues of the First Congress on Oil and Gas "Petrogas 2007," starting in this capital on Tuesday.

According to organizers, this meeting will be run due to the importance of both resources for the country's economy.

Among issues to analyze are "Exploration in deep waters," "Production of heavy crude oil in fields with carbonated reserves," and "Treatment, transport and refining heavy crude oil."

The expansion of the Cuban oil industry has today among its fundamental bases contributions of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, an integrationist project that places social aims first and assume true economic complementation.

Parallel to the Congress is the Second Earth Sciences Convention "Geociencias 2007," with forums on geology, geophysics and the mining industry, attended by 20 nations, among them, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico.

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