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Research center
In the last three decades, since creation of the national science degree committee, Cuba has trained more than 8,000 doctors of sciences, and 60 percent of their theses have been defended in the country.

Doctor Carlos Peniche Covas, secretary of this working group, told press it has been implementing the national policy in relation to scientific degrees since March 17, 1977.

He highlighted that over 90 percent of the diplomas have been discussed in Cuban institutions since 1992, and 49 entities are authorized to carry out this task. Thirteen of them belong to the State s central administration, 35 to the Higher Education Ministry (MES), and 15 to research centers of different institutions.

He also said some 400 PhD theses are presented annually and there are 55 tribunals for the defense of those works.

Peniche said the PhD entails preparing a high-achieving university graduate in his specialty, then researching a thesis, writing it and concluding with the presentation before a jury; which measures the level of scientific maturity.

Source: Prensa Latina

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