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Compay Segundo

Outstanding Italian musicians will open the celebrations for the centenary of Compay Segundo in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, organizers announced on Friday.

On Saturday, people and authorities of Santiago de Cuba will open a year of cultural activities ending up on November 18, 2007, date on which Francisco Repilado Munoz (Compay Segundo) would turn 100 years.

Salvador Repilado, son of the musician and present director of the group named after the creator of the Chan Chan, declared that the parties would start in the city where his father was born.

The Dolores Hall will be the venue of the concert by the Compay Segundo group and the Eastern Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Italian Stefano Mazzoleni, director of the Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra.

Italian musicians Francesco Grollo and Massimo Scatolini as well as composer Francesco Sartory will also take part in the deserved tribute.

Source: Prensa Latina

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