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The new class, which is the direct result of one of the programs of the national «Battle of Ideas» educational initiative"will be deployed in the ongoing combat against neglect, waste, pilfering, profiteering and various forms of corruption which occur in all countries - even Cuba.

The new group of professionals graduated from the Auditor Training Program of the City of Havana in a ceremony held Monday in a local cinema, where they received their academic degrees as accounting technicians.

In the closing words, Gladis Bejerano Portela, the nations minister of Audit and Control (MAC), reminded the attendees that the program had been set up in all provinces of the Cuba so as to train the technical and professional force needed to better scrutinize and control public resources.

When referring to the challenge of the new graduates, the head of MAC said, «It is necessary to maintain ethical behavior, to be honest, sincere, able to defend the truth at any price and in any circumstance, to exercise constructive self-criticism, and to assume in our duties as a part of the Cuban Revolution. »

«The work is one of a strategic need. It is a program that it should continue until 2009 with the perspective of training 6,000 auditors, » explained Darma Sola, director of the National Auditing System.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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