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Experiences accumulated over the past several years in dealing with hurricanes, heavy rains, droughts and other events and disasters have been taken into account for the organization of a drill to take place throughout Cuba on May 19-20.

Sources from National Civil Defense headquarters told Granma that Meteoro 2007, the annual disaster preparation and training drill, will evaluate the availability of material support and the effectiveness of disaster reduction measures.

Meteoro 2007 begins on Saturday, a day dedicated to assessing the results of actions and command systems at the different levels aimed at reducing disaster vulnerabilities, including readiness, response and recovery. Command systems as well as the information and communications systems will perform under real life situations.

On Sunday May 20, practical actions to increase the readiness of the population and reduce the impact of disasters in the community will be tested.

The Meteoro 2007 training exercise takes place just a few days before the beginning of the annual Atlantic Basin, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico hurricane season that spans from June 1 to November 30.

Source: By Orfilio Peláez, Granma

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