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Cuba's Ecosol Solar division is currently implementing several renewable energy projects in other countries.

Ecosol Solar is an entity with the Corporation of Electronic Technology Exports (COPEXTEL), which belongs to the Cuban Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

The total solar-panel capacity set up abroad by the Cuban entity reaches 1,6 megawatts-peak (MWp), which is the unit used to measure the power yielded by a solar panel once it gets a single one-thousand-watt-per-square-meter radiation, known by the experts as a sun-peak radiation.

Ecosol Solar experts Raul Novo and Rene Diaz told acn that several health care and education facilities received electricity from solar panels in countries such as Bolivia, Mali, South Africa, Honduras and Lesotho.

Cuban specialists also are currently setting up 143 solar panel systems in schools, doctor offices, water purifying plans and rural communities in Venezuela.

Venezuela and Bolivia have signed contracts with Ecosol Solar to install a power capacity of up to 2,6 MWp, the experts said.

The Cuban entity specializes in offering sustainable energy and environmental solutions based on the efficient use of renewable energy sources to produce electricity.

Source: Adelante

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