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  • 03 / 12 / 2007

José Antonio Echeverria
Young Cubans will commemorate this week the 50th Anniversary of the death off student leader Jose Antonio Echeverria and others after an action against the dictator Fulgencio Batista (1953-1959).

There will be a political-cultural evening in the city of Cardenas in honor of the young leader to make a pilgrimage from the house where he was born to the cemetery where he is buried.

There will be acts in the University of Havana, near where Echeverria was surprised by police forces of Batista s dictatorship on March 13, 1957.

The program began with the presentation of the book "Papeles del Presidente" that makes emphasis on Cuban National Hero Jose Marti's thought and against policies of US domination.

A forum was also carried out with the purpose of knowing the several sides of Echeverria, when he was 24 after participating in the action to take Radio Reloj.

Echeverria's house-museum (1932-1957) in Cardenas has fortified its picture collection and documents that belonged to him

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