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Drugs trafficking

Cuban border patrol forces intercepted a vessel in the country's eastern zone during a drug trafficking operation, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

The event occurred on April 30 in the eastern Guantanamo locality of Boca de Jauco, when a Bahamas speed boat was detected from which 590.33 kg of marijuana were confiscated.

The allegedly Bahamas crew of the vessel shot and crashed into the border patrol forces unit 45, whose occupants replied to the aggression, the daily states.

About 30 pieces of baggage and 13 plastic tanks with marijuana were confiscated on board, noted the report, highlighting the exceptional use of force for self-defense by border patrols.

Cuba informed the Bahamas government of the action through diplomatic channels and expressed its willingness to provide all collected information as well as hold exchanges to continue fighting drug trafficking.

The two drug traffickers involved in these actions will be put at the service of Cuban courts, noted the article.

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