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Harold Gramatges

Research on Tobacco to improve harvesting and links to Cuban humanities will concentrate the fourth day of the ninth Habano Festival.

Vladimir Andino, director of the Tobacco Research Institute, will address the 1,000 plus guests from 50 countries on current Premium cigar research and the first Cuban Tobacco Station on its 70th anniversary.

Musicologist Harold Gramatges will talk about music, art and Habano cigars while researcher Eumelio Espino will explain the origin and evolution of Cuban Black tobacco.

Zoe Nocedo, director of the Tobacco Museum, will give a paper on "Traces of Cigars in Old Havana" while researcher Natalia Bolivar and anthropologist Natacha del Rio will talk on cigars and religion.

Norma del Castillo and Raul Valladares, a 50-year seasoned technician in tobacco production will talk on cigar leaf layers.

On the closing day, the Habanos Armagnac Trophy may be the greatest attraction plus a demonstration on assembling a cigar.

At night there will be a dinner party organized by Internacional Cubana del Tabaco (ICT) and Promotora de Cigarros S.L. (Promocigar), two major industrial cigar producers.

Source: Prensa Latina

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