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Construction of a new Cuban windfarm in Gibara, a coastal municipality in Holguin province, is at 40 percent of its execution, the national television reported on Tuesday.
Julio Cesar Batista, work chief, said the equipment's assembly typology in this area is different from those installed in other parts of the country.
The six air generators that will be placed in Gibara's territory will generate 5.1 megawatts, although the eolian-electric potential of this northeastern territory is over 500 megawatts.

Similar studies are being carried out in Banes and Pinares de Mayari, also in Holguin province, to install eolic stations in short terms to increase the country's power generation.

The preliminary research showed that there are five geographic areas in Holguin, with important values to generate that alternative energy.

The Cuban island's characteristics favor the local circulation of breezes on the northern and southern coasts, an important fact foe the use of Aeolus to cover the national demand of electricity.

They are trying to take the maximum advantage of the Atlantic's trade wins, which reach this coast perpendicularly.

This new windfarm will allow Holguin to satisfy its power consumption demand in the so called rush hour, of some 180 megawatts a day, and also supply the National Energy System.

Source: Prensa Latina

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