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Cuba promotes greater participation of the youth in Scientific-Technical Forum to be held soon as a movement devoted to look for useful solutions to the problems provoked by US blockade.

The 16 nearly Forum will constitute an space of political debates regarding the future of the nation, expressed the first secretary of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC) Julio Martinez during a national seminar with new young innovators.

Martinez said the scientific-technical development is one of the country and the Cubans' challenges and called to honour the Revolution confidence in the Cuban youth.

According to Juventud Rebelde newspaper the meeting specified the activities the Young Technical Brigades (BTJ) will develop in commemoration of the 45 anniversary of the UJC and those regarding the participation of the new generation in the Forum.

The meeting will also arrange the creation of a special commission "The Youth and the Forum" in each province from November 15 to December 7.

Those special Commissions sessions will be attended by children's organizations, students and workers chosen by grass root and municipal jury as well as the best exponents of youth participation in the different programs of the country.

Source: Prensa Latina

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