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Cuba's current coffee harvest peaked over 8,000 tons, said Ruben Martinez, vice-president of the Mountfain Agriculture Entrepreneurial Group.

According to a Prensa Latina report, coffee production increased by 3,200 tons compared to last year's season.

Martinez told PL that over the last few years the crop was deeply affected by harsh weather conditions: high temperatures, drought and hurricanes; as well as the lack of fertilizers.

He mentioned in particular the effect of hurricane Dennis in 2005, which affected coffee plantations throughout the country. For that reason, the harvest period of 2005-2006 concluded with the collection of only 5,556 tons.

Martinez explained that after the passing of Dennis, recovery action was taken immediately by the farmers, which the support of the government in the replacement of plants, sowing and the care of the fields.

New plants were sowed on more than 2,700 hectares in 2006 after the hurricane and more than 6,440 were recovered, said the expert.

Thanks to efficient work, production has surpassed the recollection plans for the period of 2006-2007 (141 percent) in Santiago de Cuba, while in Granma, the production has also exceeded the plans in 286 percent.

According to Martinez, 85 percent of the Cuban coffee is produced in the eastern region of Cuba, which includes 5 provinces.


Source: ACN

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