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Eolic energy
Cuban experts started assembling equipment to measure wind force in Las Tunas Province, an area considered among the most favorable to use this alternative energy source.

In view of the shortage, high prices and harmful effects of oil and its derivatives, and in contrast with the genocidal policy promoted by US President Bush to turn food into fuel, Cuba promotes the use of renewable, economic, clean energy sources.

The works, expected to be completed in a year, will determine the kind of generators to be used and their contribution to the National Electro-energy System (SEN), among other aspects.

According to officials from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in Las Tunas, quoted by AIN news agency, the site has conditions appropriate for an Aeolian park without interfering in other plans or having to make any substantial investment.

Steps taken in this regard include the inauguration of an Experimental Aeolian Park in Los Canarreos, Isle of Youth, in southwestern Cuba, and the start of construction of a larger one in Gibara, Holguin Province, 497 miles east of Havana.

Source: Prensa Latina

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