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An agreement establishing the third joint venture between Cuba and China in the biotechnology sphere, now with the preparation of Neuro-technological products, was signed last night during the closing event of the 2nd Working Group Conference for Cuban-Chinese Biotechnological Cooperation.

The meeting began on Monday and became a space for the parties to review progress in this cooperation, adopt measures to accelerate it and establish priorities for the next stage of work.

A key element was reflections on the advance of the joint ventures developing in China with products from the islands Molecular Immunology and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centers and the innovative initiatives to be implemented. The parties also discussed how to increase cooperation in Public Health Programs and the control of medicines.

Within the conference there was also a specialized workshop on Biotechnology, in which Cuban scientists spoke on our advances in cancer treatments and brain research. The Chinese delegation offered information on research related to cochlear implants adapted to the Chinese language, and new vaccines obtained in that country.

Present at the meeting were José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera, minister of public health, and Concepción Campa Huergo, director of the Finlay Institute, both members of the Political Bureau; Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, government minister; Dr. José Miyar Barrueco, secretary of the Council of state; and representatives of research and health agencies in Cuba, together with the 21 members of the Chinese delegation who visited a number of those centers.

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