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According to many, Croatia is a poor country, however the tourist agencies show that there are still those that can afford to spend Easter in the worlds most attractive locations.

Many have decided to exchange a classic Easter in Croatia with the sounds of salsa on the Cuban beaches, studying the rich history of the land of the rising sun, whilst some will visit the tourist attractions in Paris and London.

Leading travel agencies in Croatia have shared with us the top destinations for Croatians in the upcoming Easter holidays.

- China has proven to be a hit, and all capacities are filled - said Dora Jecmenjak from for

She added that it is impossible to be precise on what is most popular amongst Croatians because the situation is constantly changing.

- People constantly arrive in our offices, reserve tickets, and ask around - explained Jecmenjak. She added that the most popular local destinations were Umag, Porec and Rovinj in Istria and Opatija in Kvarner.

Tourist agency Kompas tells us that there is great demand for trips to large European cities.

The top destinations are China, Cuba, Dubai and Israel

- A hot location for Easter is a four day trip to Rome for 3,745 kuna and a five day trip to Barcelona for 4,155 kuna - we were informed by Kompas.

They mentioned that this Easter a big hit is the capital city of the Czech republic, Prague, for which a four day trip would cost 1,395 kuna.

As far as distant foreign locations are concerned, Croatians find China and Cuba attractive, so all of the packages for those countries have been sold out.

- In third place by popularity was Dubai and Egypt - said Mihael Robic from Kompas.

He mentioned an interesting fact, that many wish to spend Easter in Israel, in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, which is attractive in the tourist and religious sense.

Where will those on a tight budget go?

The Croatians who do not have budgets that allow them to visit exotic places, choose cheaper local tourist centres.

Kompas states that there is the greatest demand for Istria and Kvarner.

- Mainly Umag, Porec, Rovinj and Opatija are booked. The prices vary depending on the category of hotel - stated Komas, and added that Brac is the most popular Dalmatian island.

Source: Javno

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