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Omara Portuondo
Cuban renowned singer Omara Portuondo received the Compay Segundo Centenary Award in San Miguel de Allende, amid the 4th Cuban Culture Event, that is underway in that municipality of the Mexican state of Guanajuato.

The historic "Angela Peralta" Theater of that locality filled all its seats with free tickets to attend the gala, regarded as a reencounter between the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club project and her absent friend Francisco Repilado.

The artistic program was full of emotions because a brief biographical sketch of the lady of Cuban music was screened on the stage screen, while Omara was receiving the award in remembrance to the deceased creator of chan chan.

The bronze medal is first granted was created by Mexican sculptor Benjamín Rodríguez Avendaño, based on the original idea from journalist Adolfo Rubio, artistic director of the current Cuban Culture Week.

The events organizers told Prensa Latina news agency that the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club wouldnt sing there, because shes foreseen to visit San Miguel de Allende as a distinguished guest.

However, after reaching the center of the stage and receiving the standing ovation from the audience, Omara took the microphone and sang María Teresa Veras "Veinte años" a capella, as a gesture of acknowledgement for their warm reception.

Her melodious and clear performance got cheers and ovations out of the standing audience. Amidst that atmosphere, a local climbed onto the stage and gave Omara a Cuban flag.

For her part, Guadalupe Meza, director of the Annual Event of Cuban Culture in the town, read out the recognition, through which Jesús Correa, the president of the Municipal City Hall, honoured the Cuban singer with the award.

The significant award was presented to the visitor by Jesús Flores Escalante, director of the legendary XEB radio station, called the Big B of Mexico, belonging to the Mexican Radio Institute (IMER).

After that exciting moment, an image of Compay Segundo was screened from the high, as a witness of the celebrations in San Miguel de Allende on the occasion of his centennial birth anniversary.

The program kicked off with the screening of the documentary video "Compay Segundo, el Quijote Tropical", by Malanga Films, directed by Ilena Rodríguez.

The cultural week in San Miguel de Allende, that is held since 2000 and will run until Sunday 18, features this time book launches, handicrafts, videos and different offers from Cuban music.


Source: CubaSi

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