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  • 06 / 14 / 2007

«I want to say to the youth that they cannot be timid anymore when studying Ches work. People have to seize his thoughts, like they have to seize the entire history of the Revolution, » said Dr. Fernando Martinez Heredia at a conference on the "Ideology of Che and Todays Challenges." This gathering, held June 12 at the University of Havana, marked the beginning of the colloquium "Ches Permanance"" celebrating his 79th birthday and the 40th anniversary of his death in combat.

Dr. Fernando Martinez Heredia noted that Ernesto "Che" Guevara has had a difficult posterity, as is usually the fate of great transformers of society.

«They become so autonomous, in relation to the usual reproduction of material life and ideas, that they are able to carry out revolutionary action that lays bear and condemns what seems to be normal or unavoidable,» said Martinez Heredia.

He recalled that Marti said that the only practical person is one whose todays dream will be tomorrows law.

Martinez Heredia added, "Since Fidel initiated the process of the rectification of errors and negative tendencies, until today, the thinking of Che has returned. Thousands of Cuban know it and others seek it out and study it; but there is a lot lacking for it to be an intellectual and political instrument that is fully taken advantage of."

With absolute security, he stated that from Che "from an ethical side deeply bound to politics" we can be aided in the fight against corruption that has taken so many forms and tentacles; but to combat it, we must especially examine its causes and forms in order to get to its roots.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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