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Since some time ago, Casa de las Américas dedicates, at the end of every year, a week to the study and promotion of the work by outstanding writers from our continent. This years edition of the Authors Week will have Chilean writer and plastic artist Pedro Lemebel as its guest.

November 21-24 will see the 6th edition of these gatherings that have previously been dedicated to Ricardo Piglia and Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), Diamela Eltit (Chile), Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua) and Rubem Fonseca (Brazil).

According to organizers, the event will allow the Cuban public to approach the work by Pedro Lemebel, attractive creator and human being, termed by the critics as an indispensable of Latin American letters in the present day. He shows an unknown Chile for many in his literature.

Organized by the Casa de las Américas Literary Research Center, the Author Week, which will run November 21-24, at the Manuel Galich Room of the said institution, will include lectures and talks with experts in lemebels work and the writer himself, as well as performances and the presentation of his novel "Tengo miedo torero", Lemebels first publication in Cuba. It will also feature the direct talk and exchange of the author with critics, researchers and the reading public overall.

Born in Santiago de Chile in the 1950s, Lemebel achieved his public recognition around 1982 by picking the First Prize of the "Javier Carrera" National Short Story Contest, and four years later, he published his short-story book "Los incontables".

In 1987, along with Francisco Casas, he founded Yeguas del Apocalipsis, an arts collective that has developed an outstanding work in performance art, photography, video and art installation. Up until its disintegration in 1995, Las Yeguas held over ten public events, one of them at the 1994 Havana Biennale.

In December 2004, Lemebel was the guest artist of the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MALBA), which hosted the presentation of "Retrospectiva Lemebel. Con guerrillero ardor y emplumado cariño".

His first chronicle volume "La esquina es mi corazón", that has greatly marked his literary work, appeared in 1995. He also wrote the novel "Tengo miedo torero" (Editorial Planeta Chilena, 2001), which has been republished now by the Casa de las Américas Publishing Fund.

Thus has affirmed Jorge Fornet, director of the Literary Research Center of Casa de las Américas: "Author of texts in which humor and grief, belligerence and tenderness, barroquism and simplicity mix, Lemebel has been entering the Latin American imaginary, and in a few years he has become an icon of the current Latin American narrative".

This November the Cuban public will again be able to approach the life and work of another of the prestigious Latin American writers from the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st with another edition of the Authors Week, organized by Casa de las Américas, in its desire to integrate the best art and literature of our America.

Source: CubaSi

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