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  • 06 / 16 / 2007

The 79th birthday of legendary guerrilla fighter Ernesto "Che" Guevara was commemorated around the planet by solidarity-with-Cuba groups, scholars, and political and social leaders.

In a ceremony held in Buenos Aires, Argentinean activists in solidarity with Cuba read documents written by Che Guevara, accompanied by the song "Hasta siempre Comandante" ("Farewell Commandant").

The act also included the screening of the documentary "Asencia presente" ("Present absence") in which one of Che's daughters, Aleida Guevara, evoked memories of her childhood and her deep fondness for her father, reported PL news agency.

The anniversary was also remembered in Rosario, Che's birthplace, where celebrations for the 80th birthday of the international combatant will be held in 2008.

Mexico also commemorated the anniversary with an exchange in with Antonio del Conde (El Cuate), one of the closest collaborators of the Cuban Revolution. He talked about the preparations of the Granma expedition in 1956, in which Che participated.

Cubans, Venezuelan and Bolivians gathered in La Higuera, Bolivia to talk about the life and work of Che Guevara. They also acknowledged the current validity of his ideas.

There, Cuban ambassador to Bolivia Rafel Dausa said the Cuban, Venezuelan and the Bolivian revolutions "successful despite US aggression" are reasons to celebrate Che's birthday.

Likewise, the documentary "San Ernesto de la Higuera" was screened in the Cuban embassy to Spain in Madrid.

In addition, Venezuela's National Assembly devoted one session to commemorate Che's birthday. On that occasion, the president of the National Youth Institute, Maria Jimenez, called on future generations to see Ches character as a model.

Source: ACN

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