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Beekeepers in eastern Las Tunas province are bent on breaking a production record set in 1983, when they turned out 360.4 tons of honey.

Speaking with Periodico 26 online, Rafael M. Cruz Ocampo, director of the local apiculture company, said last year that entity produced some 245.6 tons of honey, 4 598 tons of wax.

The directive also explained that they are working on the application of techniques for the protection and adequate manipulation of apiaries to avoid their contamination with diseases.

The continuous movement of the beehives so that these insects can find nectar-rich flowers is also a priority for the company as a result of the severe drought that affected this eastern territory for some ten years.

Jorge Luis Leyva Cruz, a man who has been involved in this activity since he was very young, is one of the best producers in the province and he also stands out as a breeder of queen bees.

"When I was still in elementary school," says Jorge Luis "I once saw a swarm flying over some plants in the school garden. I walked up to it, shook the plant and the small insects flew into a box I had with me. That is how I began breeding bees and now I have 50 beehives in my apiary."

Source: By Walner Ortega Batista, Periodico26.

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