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Special Education

The story told by Marisela Moreno impacted the audience. ¨I taught classes of performing arts to a boy having serious personality problems. The boy lived amid an eternal hell: In his house, his mother betrayed his father and had affairs with other men in front of him. His father got drunk and hit his mother when arriving from work¨.

¨The boy reproduced that violence; he had a different problem every day and hit the girls. I wouldn't say he became a saint, but his interaction with us and the workshops changed his attitude. After leaving school he wrote me a very affectionate letter.¨

This anecdote illustrates how much the arts instructors can influence not only in developing an artistic sensibility and moral values on children, but also on human salvation.

These professionals have become a behavioural pattern for tens of thousands of students at the Elementary and Secondary levels, by their work, consisting in creating and developing aptitudes and human values in the students.

They are an example for children, something that was shown at the Young Communist League's annual review assembly, attended by nearly 400 militants from the School of Arts Instructors, located in Cienfuegos.

Liudmila Alamo Duenas, First Secretary of the Young Communist League in this province, agreed with the future members of the Jose Marti Brigade in the fact that their empathy with the students are based on their example, rigor, discipline, respect and good feelings.

For that reason, Lianet Morales, General Secretary of the Committee, pointed out: ¨we should be good examples, and a way of doing it is respecting the correct use of the school uniform, which is not always fulfilled, and the student reproduce later that bad image.¨

Some trainees made reference to some students who prefer to approach the arts instructor than the professor.

Nailé Aguila, a Performing Arts student, told us about her experience: ¨In my school there was a First-Grade girl with social adjustment problems; she cried every day and her parents should pick her up at 12:30. When she entered my workshop, she stopped doing it, and asked her mother to leave her here 'till afternoon.¨

With this review assembly, Cienfuegos surpassed the 60% of the review meetings carried out in its 1 948 grassroots organization.

More than the 70% of the secretaries at the base committees have been ratified in their positions, meaning that they have achieved stability in their management.

The annual review process will last in the base organizations 'till February, leading to the municipal assemblies that will take place during May and June. In November well be developing the provincial balances, forums that will sum up the work of the organization starting from its 8th Congress.

The process has served, among other things, to evaluate the work of the young communists, analyze the students' main difficulties at school and work, and see how the problems are being solved.

Source: Cubarte

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