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Havana archeology

The place was intact until today, being the more conserved and abundant discovery of the XVI century in Havana, expressed Roger Arrazcaeta, Director of Archaeology Department.

Pundits dated the place from 1550 to 1600, but as the pottery and other pieces were in the hands of the families from previous date. The discovery sheds some lights on the life of the wealthier inhabitants in the years near to its foundation, he added.

Among the remains found appear fragments of Italian majolica also known as blue Montelupo over white, found for the first time in the Caribbean, besides pieces of ceramic used by the primitive Cuban inhabitants.

Among the pieces found appear bones of cattle, pig, deer and goat bones, besides remains of fish, mollusks, turtles, and birds, what added information on the alimentary habits and present ecosystems in the area.

Source: CubaSi

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