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That same principle was kept in 2006 according with the most recent reports of tobacco authorities that reiterated the pleasure of smokers for Cuban cigars and the most recent novelties.

The Cuban rolled cigars hand made have stayed as number one for five years in a row in the world market of Premium cigars.

The same commercial Vice-president of the international corporation Habanos S.A., Manuel García, timely highlighted that cigars of the Island keep their crown.

That demanding market monopolizes nearly 400 million units per year around the world. Of that figure, the Greatest of Antilles comprises the 40% of the market quota, including the United States, where these tobaccos are not available due to the economic restrictions of Washington against Havana.

The United States constitutes the main market for Premium, hand made and of top quality, with a consumption of 270 million units a year.

With the exclusion of the North Americans, the quota reaches 80%, with a considerable growth in relation with the previous period and considerable increases in the period that recently concluded.

Europe is the main region for the Cuban Premium tobacco with 67% of the total of sales, followed by America with 16%, Asia-Pacific with a 5% and the Middle East with 12%. As for countries, Spain is still number one, with more than 30% of the buying, followed by France, Germany, the market in Cuban foreign currencies, Lebanon, and Switzerland.

The corporation Habanos S.A. is in charge of selling in more than 120 countries the Cuban cigars Premium, among these, the most famous are Cohíba, Partagás, and Romeo y Julieta.

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