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The Casa de las Américas announces to all those interested to participate in the 10th edition of the Casa de las Américas Musicology Award which is to take place from April 14th-18th, 2008. The bases are the following:

1. There are allowed to participate authors coming from Latin America and the Caribbean, who are either born there or who have been naturalized, with books which may contribute to a more general understanding of music and culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, stemming from the different concepts and procedures of contemporary social sciences.

2. There will compete unpublished texts on: musical historiography; interpretation and critical explanation of musical creation; traditional and folk music; theory and practice of music teaching; global theoretical frames of musicology; as well as other problems related with aesthetics, sociology and anthropology of music among others.

3. The pieces will be considered unpublished even if they have had up to two thirds published.

4. No author will be allowed to participate with a piece that has already obtained some sort of national or international award.

5. There will be a unique and indivisible award handed in. The award will consist of three thousand dollars or its equivalent in the corresponding national currency and the publication of the piece by the Casa de las Américas. There will be mentions given if the jury considers it is necessary, but that does not imply any editorial compromise or some sort of retribution from the Casa de las Américas.

6. The Casa de las Américas has the publishers right of what will be considered the first edition of the awarded piece, which will have a maximum of a thousand copies, even if it is a joint edition. Such a right does not only includes obvious economic reasons, but also all of the graphic characteristics and other aspects of the already mentiones first edition. In the following editions the rights will belong completely to the author.

7. The Casa de las Américas will have the first option in the awarded pieces and tose who received the mentions during an entire year, so that it can negotiate its publication all over the world. The rights of all of the contracts will go to the author except for a 10% which will go to the Casa de las Américas.

8. The pieces will be presented printed in original and two copies, with two spaces and numbered. If they include musical exampes and illustrations, they should be joint with the first copy of the piece, with enough quality so that it can be reproduced in printing, numbered and with the proper indication of the reference sources or archives where the original documents are to be found.

9. Together with the printed text there should be also sent a digital version in a system that is compatible with MS-Word for PC.

10. If the piece does not correspond to a Spanish speaking author, the text should be sent in the original language and there should also be a translation which should spacify the name of the translator.

11. The use of a pseudo-name is permitted, if the author prefers it. In that case, it is necessary that his identification should be found on an attached envelope.

12. Each author should send a curriculum of up to two pages, which should specify name and surnames, date of birth, postal address and e-mail address, educational level, recent publications and presentations, current teaching, research underway, academic charges and membership.

13. The pieces should be sent to the Casa de las Américas, 3ra y G, El Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba or to any of the Cuban Embassies, before February 1st, 2008. In both cases, the authors should get in contact with the Music Direction of the Casa de las Américas through the e-mail: [email protected] to garantee inmediately the reception of the piece.

14. The jury should be decided in Havana, in April 2008.

15. The handing of the award should take place on April 18th, 2008 and the decision of the Jury will not be open to appeal.

16. The pieces presented which did not obtained the award or mentions will be available for the authors until April 30th, 2009. The Casa de las Américas will not be held responsible for its devolution.

17. The authors who do not comply with this bases will be disqualified. The sending of the pieces assumes and implies its total acceptance.

Source: Cubarte

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