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Anacaona Band

Cubas all-woman Anacoana salsa band is recording their fourth career record at the Eusebio Delfin Recording Studios in Cienfuegos.

The new CD, composed of 12 themes which respond to a generic profile that includes bachatas, sones, fusion and songs, means the debut of as a producer of Georgia Aguirre, bassist and director of the band founded in 1932.

The phonogram will be a proposal for everyones taste, I have selected each of the themes, seeking quality of lyrics and music, Aguirre commented and added that Anacaona is in a very important stage. We reach 75 years with many wishes to carry on with the same commitment with Cuban music, woman and culture.

The CD features the special participation of Omara Portuondo, one of the members of the band in its beginnings.


Source: Cubasi

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