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The harvest of more than 13,800 tons of green and root vegetables in eastern Las Tunas province during the months of January and February shows that agriculture is recovering in the islands driest territory.That figure exceeds the production targets for the two-month period, while it represents a 64 percent increase compared to the similar period last year.

Such results have permitted to provide with more food schools, healthcare centers, and the population in general.

This advance is significant for this province, as it was struck by a severe drought, which had a considerable impact in agriculture.

In 2003 Las Tunas turned out some 230 tons of produce, but that figured fell drastically in the following years.

However, the improvement of weather conditions in 2006, with rainfall records above historical averages, permitted to store water and the soils recovered.

Their target for the current year is 115 tons of green and root vegetables, more than 46,000,000 tons than last years output.

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