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The pieces Decirte cosas de amor (Telling you Things of Love), written by Roberto Novo and sung by Diana Fuentes, in song, and La arena (The sand), by Franklin Keyton and Pedro Lugo, in the dancing category won the great prizes of the 2007 Adolfo Guzman Music Contest.

During the closing gala of the contest at Karl Marx theater, and following two days of performances by the finalists were also given the Popularity Prizes in song to Talisman (Erick Sánchez, author, and Waldo Mendoza, performer), and in dancing to Ave María (Hail Mary) (Osmany Espinosa and Mango Group).

First awards were also granted in song to Detrás del tilo (Behind the Lime) (Leonardo Garcés and Vionaika Martínez), and in dancing to Fiesta de los orishas (Party of Orishas) (Arnaldo Mederos and El Indio).

Taken from Granma newspaper

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