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Adalberto Alvarez

By: Mercedes Santos Moray

A living legend of the Cuban popular dance music, composer and orchestra director Adalberto Álvarez, better known as " the gentleman of the son" will be film maker Lourdes de los Santos' next documentary footage.

With this Project the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry, ICAIC takes up again the long ago developed line of portraying the live and work of big names in the Cuban music like Bola de Nieve and Omara Portuondo as the late director Mayra Vilasís and Fernando Pérez have done.

Since long a major promoter of recovering and enlivening popular dances particularly "el baile casino" that so much heartens Cuban people, Camagüey-born musician Adalberto Álvarez is a most influential figures in the history of Cuban music.

Testimonies and chronicles about the private and family life of the author of the hit song A Bayamo en coche will make up a documentary by a notable woman film director, who has also worked in the fields of politics and culture.

Most of the films store and settings complement the beautiful view of his native Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Havana, cities that pinpoint Adalberto's biographic map.

Childhood, dreams of becoming an aircraft pilot, youth, neighbourhood and family relationship, his dearest mother Rosa Zayas decisive influence in her sons musical formation are viewed.

Internationally known and recognized due to his veritable Cuban musical following that starts up in the '70s at the time he formed his own band Son 14 Orchestra, Adalberto's outstanding work so enthusiastically received and praised

Source: Cubarte


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