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Although it can seem to be incredible, so far from the Eiffel Tower or the Museum of Louvre, in a Cuban city, every morning a real French pharmacy opens its doors, it is unique of its kind in the world. Its opening dates from January 1st, 1882 in Matanzas city by Ernesto Triolet and his son- in-law Juan Fermín de Figueroa.

Triolet was a great expert on the active properties of plants. He exported medicines to Spain, France and United States. He patented dozens of natural base medicines for posterity. One of them was awarded in the famous Exhibition of Paris in 1900.

This historical center rendered its services up to 1964 when fortuitously it was converted into a museum. Later, it improved its services as a scientific information center for the experts of this field.

There it is a wide didactic legacy. Books of recipes with more than a million of original formulas based on natural substances are also part of this treasure. Besides, there are hundreds of unique copies on pharmacy, medicine, chemistry and botany in Spanish, English, French and German.

This genuine example of the 19th Century pharmacy is located on Milanés street, in front of the Parque de la Libertad in the city of Matanzas. Great collections of French porcelain bottles as well as some decorations by hand ordered by the owner are also kept there. Today, the pharmaceutical museum of Matanzas treasures more than 10 millions of pieces. The old laboratory at the back of the yard still preserves the brick oven, the grinding objects, mortars, stills and lixivium of handmade bronze griddle.

Visiting this delightful spot is like to get on the machine of time because there are found all the tools and products used at that time, some of them imported while others were their own production in good condition. Three million of original labels of the different products made at the pharmacy are found there. There is still a poster announcing the effectiveness of the Triolet Café Compuesto syrup against asthma and colds.

The wealthiest families of the country attended this place, thanks to the prestige reached for its rendered services. However, the poor could go there too because the cash register was not pulled for them and this was remember forever by the people of Matanzas.

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