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  • 06 / 05 / 2007

 A quick match with Yunieski Quesada

Grand Master (GM) Yunieski Quesada has just staged an excellent performance at the 42nd Capablanca Memorial Tournament. Yunieski, 22, broke all predictions and accumulated 4.5 points out of 9 to place fourth in the Elite Group in which can be considered, along with Leinier Dominguez, as the best role of a Cuban representative.

Yunieski and I met each other several years ago when we started in the world of chess. Since he was a child he stood out for his great power of concentration, his imagination in the attack and thanks to these virtues he achieved important victories in the different levels of competition. By 2006, he was officially named Grand Master, although he formed part of Cubas Olympic team before.

Unlike other chess players, Yunieski seems an uninhibited person, ready to dialogue and with interesting things to say. We talked about diverse topics, which included the family one because surname Quesada was also present in the Open Group. There, Yunieskis brother, Yasser whos still a schooler, fulfilled an excellent role by achieving 5.5 points.

A few minutes after his last match against Danish Nielsen concluded, Yunieski talked in a exclusive interview for Cubasi at the major hall of the Neptuno-Triton Hotel Complex.

-What did you think of the Capablanca?

-It was a very strong tournament, I can say that it was the strongest close tournament I have ever played and I am very happy with the matches and the results I have had.

-Did you like the structure of the event or you think it is still perfectible?

-I hope I can play other equal tournaments. I was the lowest ELO (2541) in this event and there were several players from the worlds elite, above all Vassily Ivanchuk. Whatever match against one of these men is a quite big experience.

-Can the draws you achieved against Ivanchuk be considered as your greatest result against an elite player?

-Actually, when I won Mexicos Carlos Torres Tournament in 2005, I managed to beat a player like Israeli Boris Gelfand and I think that that victory vs. Gelfand was the best result because draws are always harder to achieve.

-Next goal? 2600 points of ELO?

-Its hard but I obviously have it as a goal. I do not have many points left, 59 altogether; however, theyre the hardest. In this Capablanca Memorial I should add around 12 units for my rate.

-Chess players life is usually pretty full of sacrifice, how does the family influence your preparation?

-My family influences a lot. In fact, they were the ones who taught me how to move the pieces. They support me in my study hours and this is fundamental for the chess player, to have a space of time and absolute peace at home.

-What can you tell about your brother?

-Well, he has played the Swiss Tournament quite well, although hes a bit lazy in chess. I think that every chess player should put a lot of effort and everything will depend on him. In certain way, Yasser has emerged in the same way as I did and the family has influenced. The advantage is that I am beside him to help him in the face of any doubt.

Source: By Miguel E. Hernández Masjuán, CubaSi

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