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By Ricardo Moreno Ballesteros The sun raises and reveals Matanzas every day. Its harmonic appearance, resembling an amphitheater, awakens, and the early rumors of its streets, its rivers, its bridges start... The immense bay of peaceful waters reflects its beauty, multiplies the pleasure and rewards us with its unmistakable blue.

This is Matanzas, the city where the soul of a beautiful dark skinned girl wanders every evening on one of its bridges, thus reliving the legend of an eternal love. This is the cradle of danzón, the Cuban national dance, the land of poets and literary gatherings, of bohemians and dreamers, a land of culture: the Cuban Athens.

There is the story that when Matanzas was founded, on October 12th 1693, in a privileged environment, it was touched by magic: "undulations more than mountains, rivers with more charm that flow, and a valley with unmatchable features." It treasures the first iron bridge and the only drawbridge in the country; the Cuevas de Bellamar, of international renown; the enviable acoustics of the Sauto Theater, and the permanent kiss of the sea.

Its name, found aggressive by some, cheers up in its streets, in its architecture, in its vital 313 years. Matanzas is a romantic twilight; it is a departing sun hiding behind the image of a sleeping woman. Matanzas is the joy of remembering, from the top of a bridge, the good memories brought about by each of its corners, its parks, its small beaches and of admiring the impassive flow of the river coming from the hills.

Source: CubaNow

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