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Since the opening of the shopping center La Plaza, originally called La Gran Piedra, in Santiago de Cuba, the controversies surrounding this installation have been continuous, beginning with the abrupt change of name and recently ending with the sale of products in a state of putrefaction. , the latter due to the sale of meatballs with mushrooms.

On this occasion, the establishment belonging to the Cimex Corporation is again in the spotlight of public scrutiny, for some packages of chorizo croquettes, of the Vima brand, imported from the Dominican Republic and sold at 1.95 CUC, which are exhibited repeatedly in the refrigerators of refrigerated department.

A worker at that store told CiberCuba that the reason for the reiteration of the croquettes packages, which also do not enjoy very good acceptance by the shop's customers, originates in the shortage of products and problems with the supply, "when we started to work everything was quite good, but after almost six months we had problems with the supply and this last month we only got a croquettes truck for the meat and ice cream department ".

This last month only arrived a truck of croquettes for the department of meat and ice cream

"For that reason, they had to fill in the empty spaces with the packages, although they are not the best they are the only thing there is. In addition, we had to withdraw many products that have expired or move them to other centers, because they were not sold here, and that made us lower the offer, "revealed the employee, who remained anonymous due to fear. to reprimands.

On the other hand, Gladis, who was in the Shopping Center, criticized the disappearance of the turkey hash, a product that has also won the rejection of many, but that, although greasy and with a dubious consistency, it becomes a lifesaver in the midst of famine.

"It's always the same, I've been coming for a while now to see if I can find something, but nothing, just croquettes that stick to the gum, because even the turkey hash does not appear and that was the most abundant product," Gladis emphasized. In the same way, Nanci, a housewife resident in the Marmol division, showed dissatisfaction with the croquettes offered, "they do not have quality, it seems that because of the time they take in the refrigerators, they make a puree when the fries and do not know anything, "he criticized.

I've been coming for a while now to see if I can find something, but nothing, just croquettes that stick in the gum, because even the turkey hash does not appear and that was the most abundant product.

The establishment in question, considered the largest in the province of Santiago de Cuba, after opening its doors for the first time stood out for its huge shelves and the quantity of products that were then offered. In spite of showing prices that go beyond the salary reality of ordinary Cubans -which barely manages to earn 30 CUC per month- it attracted the attention of those who walked through its corridors, due to the variety of merchandise, rare in the Collection Stores of Foreign exchange (TRD) on the island.

However, for several months the products that once filled the refrigerators and shelves, have gradually disappeared, some more for their "expiration than for the population consumption", according to the words of a custodian of the facility, in He was talking to a saleswoman in the store.

"Who sends them to sell so expensive, now they are on the shelf, because there are many products about to expire and has not sold one and that makes this month the salary comes for the floor. The mayonnaises had to lower them, because this month they are due, but they do not reduce them, people buy them because they are bad, "said the doorman.

The shortage facing the country has radically extinguished many of the basic needs and only those that are unattainable for the majority of the inhabitants of the Caribbean country remain, which, as some describe, "is as if there were not".

The food problem, once again, seems to have no solution. The scenario becomes serious and unsustainable for many with limited economic resources, who rarely find in the state markets the inescapable products to survive and now they are not found in the TRD of the eastern province.

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