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The journalist of CiberCuba, Iliana Hernández, was threatened today by a supposed agent of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) of the island.

"I'll give you some advice," said the supposed agent, whose name on Facebook is Juan Miguel González. "Do not publish more garbage about the Revolution and our Commander Raúl Castro".

As if that were not enough, he adds: "It's a warning from G2, we're following you up."

The messages reached Iliana via messenger. Immediately the journalist made the complaint on the social network Facebook.

"Juan Miguel González just threatened me by messenger, I answer him here, as something happens to me physically you and the G2 are responsible," said Iliana.

"Let the world know what these criminals are capable of, I am going to make a report of threats, if someone in Matanzas knows how to locate this criminal, please give me your personal information to make a report," he wrote.

But the supposed agent was not enough with these threats and continued with more, seeing the complaint of Iliana on Facebook.

"I warned you to be quiet and the first thing you did was to publish this conversation in the groups, and now you are not going to talk anymore, you have to act," he told the journalist.

In Iliana's post you can see the identity of the alleged agent, who has a card that says he belongs to the BON (Batallón) UJC-MININT, brigades formed by militants and young people from different sectors that are mobilized as "security" to repress protests from the opposition and other types of activities.

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