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After the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, reported the permissibility of the photographs inside the Foreign Currency Collection Stores (TRD) on January 14, many have brought to light public images showing the huge shortage and high prices of the few inputs sold in the markets and stores of the country.

However, for several weeks, the formulation of several complaints in the TRD has been striking, due to mistreatment and threats to clients, when they try to take pictures in these centers, including intimidation with the police.

"They threatened to call the police when I tried to shoot some photos of the rationing of the oil, they also asked me what they were for and when I told them it was for Facebook, they indicated that I was not allowed for that purpose, because they would not allow me to denigrate the store, "Ernesto Arencibia, who was at the La California store in Santiago de Cuba, told CiberCuba.

On the other hand, this young man also mentioned that he was shown a document which explained the reasons why he could not take photographs to "sully the establishment".

Fortunately, the young man managed to obtain, after minutes of conversation with the custodian, a photo of the certificate, which he wanted to make public through this newspaper.

"I had to put a tremendous tooth on the custodian, since he did not want me to take pictures of the oil, I told him to show me the document to take a picture and then read it," confesses Arencibia.

This document dates from May 24, 2017, signed in Havana by Ana María Ortega Tamayo, General Director of TRD Caribe. In it are exposed alleged regulations aimed at regulating what type and under what circumstances may customers take photographs in the network of stores in convertible pesos of the island.

In addition, it is clear that those responsible for compliance with the same are the directors of Division, Marketing, as well as the guarantors of the center and commercial units, specifying that customers can take pictures, but as long as they do not have a negative intention.

"If it is perceived that the act of shooting photos is marked by a negative intention or attitude that may denigrate the values and corporate name of our entity, the security personnel or managers of the store will be responsible for avoiding it with respect and cordial treatment that must always prevail, "the edict expresses in its second orientation.

But the question is quite insecure, since the document is predecessor of the approval at the beginning of this year of the law of permissibility of photos in government centers, and therefore it should have been repealed, unless both provisions have been formed simultaneously , since the statement made by Betsy Díaz, was only kept within the framework of social networks and no document was officially signed and coined before the public scrutiny.

Despite the aforementioned points for some reason the order, is apparently being used to restrict those who decide to take photos and videos, an issue that becomes worrisome in the face of complaints of threats, abuse and bad faces by staff in various facilities commercial and leaving a substantial question, which until now remains in suspension points, can you or can not you take pictures?

In that sense, Frank Gutierrez, a neighbor of the Santa Ursula cast, Santiago de Cuba, mentioned to this site that, "I was throwing a couple of photos in the Plaza de Marte shopping center, and I was called by one who was taking care of the door, telling me I could not take pictures and turn off the camera. "

Gutiérrez also says that after refusing the goalkeeper why he could not take photos, if it was allowed, the goalkeeper replied yes, but it could not be for the purpose of discrediting the center and that he should see the head of floor and explain the reasons why he took the pictures.

"Whenever they give an advantage, behind come the absurdities that prevent benefit from it, I do not understand how they allow you to take pictures and then they tell you that you have to ask for authorization and explain the reasons, why one is going to take pictures if it is not for something What catches your attention and publish it? ", he asks.

"Theirs is to take anything meaningless, no matter what, the important thing is to bother," Gutiérrez sealed before CiberCuba, while showing the photos he had managed to take from some empty shelves.

A source at the store Variedades, located on Calle Enramadas, the main commercial artery in the eastern province, revealed that the provision arrived a few days ago to the management of the center, and that it was communicated to the workers at a general meeting.

"They told us that we could not let anyone take pictures inside the store, if the intention was to denigrate us. They also said that there are many counterrevolutionaries who lend themselves to assembling and slandering us, and we have to prevent that from happening, "said the employee, who preferred to remain anonymous, for fear of reprisals in his workplace.

Many images that have been viralized in social networks, show the hardships in which the TRDs are in Cuba, despite the attempts on the part of the official media on the island to deny them, claiming that they are mounts and tricks, thousands of users continue in their eagerness to show the true reality of shopping centers.

Others denounce that, after trying to obtain images of the establishments, officials of the same, even get to get violent and constantly threaten to call the police, leaving now also in uncertainty, the recent rules of consumer protection issued by the Ministry of Commerce Interior (MINCIN) and the supposed permissibility of photos.

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