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Maiquel Cruz González is a young Cuban desperate for the paralysis of the Parole Family Reunification Program, which has written an emotional letter addressed to the United States Government.

In the letter, which has been accessed by CiberCuba, clarifies that their only interest is to convey what they are suffering thousands of people in Cuba as a result of the worsening of relations with the United States, following the acoustic attacks that affected 26 officials destined in Havana.

"I am writing to you because I am the son of immigrants who currently live in your country and I can not meet with my mother due to different events in which we have nothing to do." We deeply regret what happened with the diplomats at the US embassy in Cuba and we hope that everything will be resolved in the best possible way and once again we will resume all consular services in our country. "

Maiquel Cruz González wonders why keep making Cubans pay double for a third country? "

 This Cuban recalls that for more than a year and a half the Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) has assured that he works in coordination with the State Department to find a solution to the "Parole".

"In my case, I live with the remittances that my parents send me and with the uncertainty of when the day will come when I will be able to travel and be with my mom and dad, to work, to help them and finally achieve my dreams. It finally comes to mobile phones in Cuba and I can see them every day It is time for someone to do something to resume the Family Reunion Program I am already 30 years old and a year ago God blessed me with the greatest a person could have Every day I fight for him and I think that I have to emigrate so that he can realize his dreams because my dreams are broken, I also think about the sacrifice of having to leave him behind ".

This young Cuban is questioned even if it is worth so much waiting, because he is convinced that "time never recovers."

"The next April 2019 is going to be 5 years since I separated from my mother, five birthdays, 5 mothers 'days and 5 years' end, that is, 5 years of separation, my mother, who is my light, my life , my love and my friend, it is my source of life, what God gave me, to give me sunlight, it is tender, it is beautiful, fragile glass, full moon and my direct complement of creation as well as yours for you For a person, the family is what he does with his wife and children, but for me they are still my son, my wife, my mother, my father and my sister, they can not imagine how difficult it is in a time of illness not to have A mother nearby who passes your hand and says 'I love you, son.'

According to Maiquel, the end of the year, his family in Miami sat at a buffet table, with luxuries that he, like many thousands of Cubans, can not afford. "I did not have happiness or the joy of being able to say goodbye to the year with my parents, with my family." Every time I see them in a messenger, I tell them, "Mom, Dad, I will help you and fight for what I leave behind when I am with you. But the uncertainty of arriving too late is tearing my soul. "

That is why he asks "humbly" to resume the Parole of Family Reunification for Cubans (CFRP).

Maiquel writes this letter because he does not want to sit idly by while time passes. "For what they want most, I hope my voice is heard and that someone cares about reuniting families, not about keeping them separated."

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