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  • 03 / 04 / 2019

Almost a year has passed and it is not yet known why the Boeing 737 crashed on May 18, 2018, which Cubana de Aviación had rented from the Mexican company Damohj, shortly after taking off from the José Martí International Airport in Havana. On that flight were four members of the Elba Buitrago family, a Cuban-American, who does not forget and wants answers.

"I do not want any lies or taunts," he explains by email to CiberCuba. Ten months after the tragedy, he can hardly talk about it. On that plane were traveling his mother, Martha Cabrera Caballero, his brother, Jorge Luis Buitrago, one of his nieces, Gisel Buitrago Santiesteban, and his sister-in-law, Tania Santisteban. In Cuba he has his father and an orphan niece. In the United States, the pain of seeing how the months go by and nobody gives explanations.

The family that Elba Buitrago lost in the plane crash: his mother, his brother, his niece and his sister-in-law. Photo: CiberCuba

"We have not received the slightest answer, we do not know anything, they do not inform us, I feel helpless, I remember my beautiful family every day and I wonder why these things have to happen. So many negligences, it's time to give an answer, whole families, orphaned children waiting for a reason. "

From the Cuban authorities, Elba expects "a just and true response, without lies or taboos, I hope they know how to put themselves in the place of so many orphaned children and as many families destroyed as mine," he told CiberCuba.

She can barely talk about the accident. When the plane crashed, Elba had just returned from Holguin. I had been visiting Cuba for Mother's Day. His brother had traveled with the family to Havana to visit the father, who is older and has heart surgery.

"I knew that they would travel that day and at that time." When I saw the news on TV I went crazy, I called urgently and I found out about my family, they still did not know, it was horrible, my father is very bad, every day of the world. She cries for her family, my niece, you can imagine, without a father, without a mother and without her sister, we are all devastated ... with a compressed soul ".

When Elba sees the recovery of Mailén, the only survivor of the accident, only good thoughts come to her head. "I wish you the best of this world, a speedy recovery and all the blessings that the Lord can give you."

She only has a voice to repeat that it is "horrible" to go through a situation like the one she is living. "We are sad and disturbed because almost a year after the tragic accident, we have not received even the slightest response."

The plane crash killed 111 people. Most of them, Cubans from the province of Holguín. There was only one survivor: Mailén Díaz Almaguer.

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