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The Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel has sent a message to the leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba: he will not admit that they are "flattened" and "slow". This was stated in the annual balance meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, in which he described what he understood to be an ideal manager: he had to be "proactive".

In an hour-long speech, Díaz-Canel said Mincex cadres must have "exceptional" demands such as "sensitivity to the country's problems and revolutionary unrest." In this line he asked that "you listen to those who know best," reports Juventud Rebelde.

"They should be characterized by sensitivity to the country's problems, revolutionary concern and seriousness," he said.

In the opinion of the successor of Raúl Castro, the Party cadres "must act with transparency and ethics."

Apparently, reality goes on the other side. In the same meeting, Díaz-Canel acknowledged the need to "lighten the bureaucratic burden" that exists in Cuba, especially in everything that has to do with foreign trade and investments.

At this point, he called for creating "a more favorable environment for foreign investors."

He also criticized "the accumulation of overdue accounts receivable," according to the newspaper Granma.

Diaz-Canel believes that the training of the cadres is still a problem that his government can not solve, as well as "the slowness and complexity of the procedures."

Neither has it advanced in solving the problem of transport, water supply, housing or garbage collection in the country. During his government the shortage of food in Cuba has worsened.

Since the last quarter of last year there have been problems with bread production in the country. There is also no oil, eggs or meat. The long queues and the empty fridges fan the ghost of the special period.

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