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During a meeting of the Council of Minister, the Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel acknowledged the shortage in the island of basic foods such as vegetable oil, bread, eggs and chicken.

At the meeting, the president asked his government for greater control of economic processes "important for daily life," according to the government newspaper Granma.

According to Díaz-Canel, it is necessary to "close the productive cycles", because the "effort" for "imports to happen on time" is useless if "then problems arise with transportation contracting or the delay of some shipments".

"We need a more dynamic dynamics of the economy this year, to achieve an impact on the population's food, housing, transport and computerization, just to mention some elements that are important for daily life", He said.

These statements are made in the midst of popular discontent caused by the lack of vegetable oil in state shops, against which long lines of customers form, to which the Government has decided to sell only two bottles of oil per person to avoid speculation.

Eggs, oil, bread, wheat flour and chicken have been the last victims of the chronic shortage that Cuba suffers for decades, where it is usual to cyclically scarce foods such as milk powder and even salt.

On the shelves of the state network of stores also tend to lack toiletries and hygiene such as compresses, toilet paper and, more recently, floor blankets.

The complaints of Cubans in social networks occur daily. The long queues when one of these products arrives are a frustrating reality.

Just to mention some examples, the stores throughout the country were several weeks with the refrigerators of the area of meat completely empty. A few days ago, some products entered and the queues and discussions in them to reach food are the sad panorama of Cubans today.

According to one of our readers, in Las Tunas the queues to buy frozen chicken give several turns to the block of stores.

The same thing happened in Havana, where the 3rd and 70th market, one of the best supplied in the capital, was on Wednesday full of customers looking for a box of chicken breasts.

And what to say about the images in Sagua la Grande in the queue to buy oil, which became viral on the Internet.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Diaz-Canel also said that the "monitoring of investments will be constant" and "called for special attention" on economic lines, both industrial and food, so that the population is not affected " .

On the other hand, the Minister of the Food Industry, Iris Quiñones, said that in March they should increase "the levels of flour production, while the arrears will be recovered".

And it is that the flour has been one of the products with more missing the last months, and therefore, the population was affected in the supply of bread and derivatives.

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