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The shortage of food in Cuba returns to the public arena. But this time the discussion is not about whether this or that product is missing, or if prices are skyrocketing.

The issue is possibly a little more delicate: the inequality when it comes to distributing what little there is.

Cuban journalist Glenda C. Boza Ibarra has put the finger on the spot. On her Twitter account, she questions the unequal distribution of a food as vital as potatoes, of which 6 pounds are sold in Havana in Villa Clara. , two and in the East of the country, none.

"In Mayabeque Díaz-Canel, she oversees the potato harvest that goes to Havana and that province. Why six pounds per person in the capital, which does not produce, and only two in Villa Clara that does? Why the East of Cuba, so loyal, so hard worker does not eat potatoes? ", Denounced.

Although this tuber is one of the most appreciated elements by the Cuban people, for several years buying potatoes has become an odyssey. Anyone who intends to eat a simple puree or tasty chips, knows that first he will have to wait for them to "arrive" at the winery, and after a long queue to buy "whatever he wants".

Scarcity persists over time. Last December it was reported that the subsidized sale would be only one pound per person, due to the low collection in the last campaign.

But journalist Glenda's tweet goes beyond productive results and agricultural inefficiency. His criticism has generated many answers.

"Because they are clear that Havana because of the density of people is a powder keg that is better not to exploit or not be able to control it. In fact, they already had a good scare in the special period. And the East is precisely why, for being so loyal, so hardworking, so .... ", tweeted a user called Skullflag.

With him, the young engineer Dariel De la Rosa Perez agreed, who wrote that the people of Havana begin to speak "and possibly they throw themselves into the street, but those of us who are not from Havana seem to be more docile (pa 'no say another word) ".

For Yoel Hernández the answer is simple: "The president and all the top leaders reside in Havana ...".

And Norges Rodríguez went a little further in his questioning: "What does a president (of a country) oversee the potato harvest? That question, I think, answers everything else ... "


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